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What is a PR Bond?

Today we are going to talk about PR bonds. All hope is not lost if you are charged with a crime, you have pretrial options and one of them is the PR bond. A PR bond, also known as a Personal Recognizance Bond, is when a Judge allows the defendant to be released without any […]

The History of Bail Bonds

The history of bail bonds can be seen from the very formation of the United States. What is important to understand about the United States legal system is that it is derived from its European roots. It is for this reason that there are a plethora of statutes and legal theories that have traveled across […]

Prop One and the Cost of Drunk Driving

With Austin residents deciding that they no longer wanted Uber/ Lyft to operate inside of the city by voting down prop 1, an early concern of many is the positive influence the ride sharing companies had on the amount of drunk driving happening in the cities. While personal responsibility is the most important part of […]

When Would Bail be Denied?

When a person is arrested for a crime, they’re taken into custody and booked accordingly. After all of the paperwork has been completed, suspects go through a bail hearing. Bail is the process by which a person is either released or held in jail. The majority of misdemeanor crimes require a person to be released […]

How Judges Set Bail Amount

Bail is a set amount of money that is given to a court to ensure that a criminal defendant will return for a court appearance after an arrest. Though we often hear about bail in criminal proceedings, and that a judge has set bail at a certain amount, it can be hard for those outside […]

Preparing for a Bail Hearing

Bail operates to secure your presence at future court hearings. The bail hearing will be your first court appearance. A judge or magistrate will be present along with a prosecutor. You have the right to have an attorney present on your behalf. The prosecutor will often make their recommendation on bond to the judge. If […]

Texas Traffic Violations

What types of traffic offenses are prevalent in Texas? There are many different violations and tickets that can cause you to be pulled over and cited within the state of Texas. Some of the more common traffic stops usually result in a traffic ticket for items such as speeding, running a red light, driving without […]

Cash, Surety and Immigration Bonds

When someone you love is jailed, it can feel like the world is crashing in. You want to help but aren’t sure what to do – and there are so many legal terms to understand! Words like “bail,” “cash bond,” “surety bond” and “bondsman” may be used, or even “immigration bond,” depending on the reason […]

The Federal Bail Bond System

Federal bail bonds operate in much the same way that other bonds work. Money or collateral is presented to the court for a defendant who is awaiting trial after arraignment. The defendant is then allowed to leave the federal detention center and live normally. Some judges might place conditions of release on the individual that […]

Suspended/Revoked Licenses: Consequences, Fines and Penalties

Simply put, driving with a suspended or revoked license status is a serious matter that is not quickly or easily resolved. We will cover just what are some of the possible consequences, penalties and jail time scenarios confronting those with a suspended or revoked license. Possible Consequences Consequences for a first offense vary and depend […]