Is It Really Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets?

Every spring, the Texas landscape lights up with gorgeous bluebonnets that are beginning to bloom.

How to Handle an Arrest

Getting arrested is a confusing, stressful and frightening time for anyone, and it is understandable that the person being arrested may not

What Is An Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a Judge. It gives law enforcement the authority to arrest the person named in the warrant.

Is There A Limit To How Much Bail A Judge Can Require?

When you are arrested, except in rare circumstances, you have a right to post bail.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

When a defendant skips on bail, a bounty hunter can track down the fugitive for money, assisting law enforcement, bail bondsmen, and the pub

Types of Bail Bonds

The following are the four most common types of bail bonds for defendants who do not have the option of being released on citation.

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