Is It Really Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets?

Every spring, the Texas landscape lights up with gorgeous bluebonnets that are beginning to bloom. Many are tempted to pick bluebonnets because they are so stunningly beautiful, but a lot of people are under the impression that it’s illegal to do so. Learning a little more about this beautiful flower, its importance and the laws regarding picking it can allow you to enjoy it more than ever this year.

Why are Bluebonnets so Important?

Although people all over often find bluebonnets to be enchantingly beautiful, they are particularly important to individuals who live in Texas. Known as the state flower, the bluebonnet is a crucial part of Texas’ springtime landscape and its heritage. In fact, it has been the state flower since 1901. In fact, there is a town, festival, song, tartan and trail all named in honor of the bluebonnet, which is also called the Ennis.

Not only do they grow naturally and have for years, but Texans are known for sprinkling their seeds along the medians and the sides of the highway so that everyone can enjoy their beautiful appearance as the weather begins to change. Since they grow in one of the most endangered ecosystems on earth, it’s critical to help them grow and to take good care of them so that other Texans can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Is It Illegal to Pick Bluebonnets?

Even though many people think that it’s illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas, this isn’t the case. There is no law that states that you can’t pick bluebonnets, but there are other laws that you need to abide by while enjoying these flowers and picking a few to take home.

How to Pick Bluebonnets Legally

It’s critical to remember that trespassing laws are still in effect during the blooming season of the beautiful bluebonnets, so you shouldn’t take pictures, look at or pick bluebonnets on private property. Respect any “No Trespassing” signs that you might come across while looking for bluebonnets to pick.

There are also laws in place about damaging or destroying property, so make sure that you’re respectful when picking your flowers. It’s okay to pick a few for personal use, but don’t take too many, and don’t dig up the plants. Also, be careful about trampling or driving over them; do what you can to preserve their beauty while picking and enjoying bluebonnets.

Also, remember to obey all traffic-related laws and guidelines. Slowing down to look at the bluebonnets can be dangerous if you’re driving too slowly on a busy highway, and it’s critical to be careful about where you park when getting out to enjoy them; don’t park too close to the road, and obey any signs that are in place regarding where you can and can’t park. Remember to use your turn signal when pulling on and off of the highway as well for safety reasons.

Basically, be safe, follow the law and be respectful when picking bluebonnets. Enjoy them, take pictures and pick a few to take home, but don’t take advantage of the fact that there are no laws that state that you can’t pick them. By being respectful, you can help ensure that you, your family and all of your fellow Texans can continue to enjoy the state flower for a long time to come.