All About Traffic Tickets

Nobody looks forward to getting a traffic ticket. The easiest way to avoid them is to know some of the reasons they are given. Listed below are the five most common types of traffic tickets issued. By knowing about these tickets, we can all ensure that we do our best to avoid getting issued them.

Speeding Tickets

This is the first type of ticket that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of a traffic ticket. Speeding tickets, by far, are the most commonly issued traffic violation ticket in the United States, as well as in several other countries. While most speeding tickets are given due to drivers exceeding the posted speed limit by at least seven miles per hour, there several tickets issued for driving too fast for conditions. This violation, which is still considered a speeding offense, occurs when a driver exceeds a speed considered safe on a road which is different from normal driving conditions, usually for weather conditions such as snow, rain, or ice. Speeding tickets have also been issued more in construction zones than ever before, with most states doubling the fine amounts for drivers doing so.

Running a Red Light

This traffic violation has been aided by the addition of thousands of cameras being installed all over the U.S. at traffic crossings. Most red light violators are unaware that they have been caught until about a week later when they get a ticket in the mail with a photo of them speeding through the intersection. Most of these cameras have been set up at busy intersections and those that have been identified as crash investigation zones. You don’t need a police car behind you to get in trouble for running a red light anymore.

Unsafe Lane Changes and Reckless Driving

This offense is sometimes very subjective, but many tickets are issued nonetheless. Reckless driving usually consists of swerving, not using a turn signal when changing lanes, accelerating or braking excessively, and many other offenses that may be considered unsafe on the roadway. These tickets can often cost a driver many points and excessive fines, and judges are not usually lenient on violators.

Cell Phone Usage and Inattentive Driving

Many states have combined their new cell phone charges with inattentive driving charges. Several studies have shown that, even if you are watching the road, your attention is stretched when you are talking on a cell phone, even a hands free device. Several states and cities have passed ordinances against the use of cell phones while driving, and police are cracking down. Using a cell phone includes talking on the phone by holding the device, texting while driving, and even, in some cases, using a hands free device with headphones. It is also illegal to drive with headphones on, no matter if you are listening to music or your phone, in almost every state.

Seat Belt Violations

Many states have started “Click it or Ticket” campaigns to get motorists to wear their seat belts. Many people believe this is just the government trying to control their lives, but the real issue is that every person who dies or is injured in an accident that could have been saved by wearing a seat belt costs the state, the county, and the taxpayers money. Many police give seat belt tickets after they have pulled drivers over for another offense and witness the driver unbelted. Just remember to click it or you will most likely get a ticket.

There are several other violations that motorists get traffic tickets for, but the ones mentioned above are by far the most common in almost every state. Knowing what these tickets are given for is the first step in avoiding them altogether.