Texas Traffic Violations

What types of traffic offenses are prevalent in Texas?
There are many different violations and tickets that can cause you to be pulled over and cited within the state of Texas. Some of the more common traffic stops usually result in a traffic ticket for items such as speeding, running a red light, driving without insurance, driving without a valid driver’s license at the time of the stop, not having a license at all, or DWI offenses, just to name a few. Fines for these items can also vary widely depending on which county and city the stop and ticket were issued within, as there can be differing ordinances governing each particular area.

What should you do if police stop you?
This situation can be quite nerve wracking, but the key is to remain calm. Pull to the right and slow down and make a complete stop off the roadway as soon as able. The officer will follow and pull in behind you. Do not get out of the vehicle and keep your hands within plain view as the officer approaches to prevent any issues with the officer thinking you are perhaps armed. The officer will likely ask for your license, registration and possibly insurance verification paperwork. Generally speaking, law enforcement will run this information to see if there are any outstanding wants or warrants for the detained individual. Further, if you are stopped, you may also verify the officer is legitimate by asking him or her to provide a badge or identification number and calling in to 911 to confirm the officer’s identity in case there is a concern. Cooperate with officer instructions and be polite! Chances are, if you follow these guidelines, you will receive a citation and be on your way in short order.

What are the consequences of a traffic citation in Texas?
By and large, most traffic citations result in fines of varying costs depending on the charge presented. Speeding tickets, for example, can range from $500 to several thousand dollars depending upon the location of the infraction (in a construction zone or near a school as opposed to an interstate highway) whereas a mechanical problem such as a non-working headlight can be a simpler and smaller fine overall. Moving offenses such as speeding do occasionally permit users to attend traffic school to remove points from their licenses that could result in an increased cost for automobile insurance or further fines as points accrue.

Are there any other options for traffic citations?
Cited individuals do also have the potential for attend a court hearing to provide their side of the traffic incident and allow a judge to make a ruling on what was occurred. However, should the judge find in favor of the officer, the cited party would then be responsible for both the initial fines levied as well as court costs. It may be advisable to consult with a tax attorney to pursue this course of action if that is desired.